SigEp at UW-Platteville

SigEp at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville


Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity was first introduced to the UW-Platteville in January of 1997. It all began when 12 men wanted to be a part of a fraternity, but were not interested in being a ‘frat boy.’ These 12 men, our first 12 Founding Fathers, worked hard to establish a SigEp Colony at UW-Platteville.

Recruitment was the hardest part in the beginning, because it was a challenge to convince the right kind of men that SigEp is something they would like to be a part of. Many were afraid and reluctant, saying they were not “frat” material, but our Founding Fathers explained SigEp was here to demolish the “frat boy” image and to dispel the myth that all fraternities are the same. Sigma Phi Epsilon is different.

The SigEp brothers worked over the next year to establish a sound Executive Board to govern the fraternity and provide leadership. Eric Tverberg took command as the first SigEp President. He worked with his executive board to turn SigEp into something they could all be proud of. Todd Kirkpatrick, the first VP of Programming, took charge of scheduling events that focused on the building of a Sound Mind and Sound Body, as this is one of the major aims of SigEp. John Heller, the newly appointed VP of Finance, took it upon himself to manage fraternity funds and create an annual budget. Marc Young took on the role of VP of Recruitment and set out to recruit the best men UW-Platteville had to offer: those who displayed the qualities of a leader, scholar, athlete, and gentleman. Ryan Vickerman, the first VP of Member Development, was responsible for educating the men of SigEp in the principles and ideals of the fraternity. Ben Zeier stepped into the position of Chaplain, and thus was responsible for all fraternity Risk Management and the establishment of the Standards Commission.

It was on the shoulders of the first three Executive Boards with the brotherhood at their back that Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville was carried toward the largest milestone in a fraternity’s history: obtaining a National Charter.

With the help and hard work of every member of the fraternity, the Executive Board was able to build upon the efforts of the past Boards and attain their goal. We received national recognition as a the Wisconsin Theta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity on October 14th, 2000.


Going Greek is a great way to improve the quality of your life. SigEp has a minimum requirement of a 3.0 GPA in order to be a member. Also, we promote involvement in leadership roles and becoming active in different groups around campus. We currently have members in roughly 50 campus organizations, including Segregated University Fees Allocation Committee (SUFAC), United Greek Council (UGC), Student Center Advisory Committee (SCAC), Interfratenity Council (IFC), and American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). Not only does going Greek provide these opportunities, but it also helps you network and meet new people, and it opens your world to new possibilities you would not have seen otherwise.

WI-Theta Highlights:

  • SigEps at UW-Platteville have similar values of acceptance, courtesy, honesty, kindness, leadership, passion, respect, and trust.
  • SigEp’s local founders day is October 14, 2000.
  • SigEp has received 9 Oak Leaf Awards, which is UW-Platteville’s Greek Chapter of the Year Award.
  • SigEp has takΣn ΦvΕr homecoming with 9 awards since we’ve chartered.
  • SigEp was awarded an Excelsior Cup in 2011 for Recruitment.
  • Our members feel like they’re part of a family.
  • Our members can see how SigEp has greatly improved their life.
  • Several brothers are leaders on campus in programs and organizations.
  • SigEp participates in intramurals every semester.
  • SigEp is an RLC chapter with four Faculty Fellows.
  • SigEp raises thousands of dollars annually to give to charities and out as scholarships.
  • SigEp has unconditional brotherhood; when you join SigEp, you are a brother right away. We understand the benefits of building strong, healthy relationships while in college.
  • We truly care about our members’ progression through the fraternity and in college, and strive to prepare them for life in college and after graduation.

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