Sweethearts and Pin Girls

SigEpBlackburnWhen a brother in SigEp is in an extremely committed relationship such that he could picture himself marrying the person he would like to pin, he can request a pinning ceremony of his brothers. Pinning can be equated to giving one’s significant other a promise ring. It is a brother placing his significant other at the same level of his brothers, and him saying he trusts them with all his heart and is willing to give his SigEp Pin to them, symbolizing him giving away his heart. Pin Girls can wear our letters and our Founder’s Badge.

Sweethearts, on the other hand, are women who have supported our chapter and given of their time and talents for the betterment of SigEp. We cannot thank those who help out and believe in our chapter enough, but as a way of displaying how deeply gratified we are, we are willing to honor them by allowing them to wear our letters. Although they are not considered members and do not have any requirements from us or voting rights, etc., they are allowed to wear our letters and attend our events. They cannot however wear our Founder’s Badge: that privilege is reserved for Pin Girls. Both Pin Girls and Sweethearts hold a special place in SigEp’s heart.

Meet our Sweethearts!

D’Laney Thelke

My name is D’Laney Thelke and I am from Lake Mills Wisconsin. I graduate from the UW-Platteville in May 2015. My major is Agriculture Education Non-Teaching with a minor in Ag1394168_10151971668210979_162266020_nriculture Business. I joined Sigma Alpha Sorority Spring 2010, and then I became very involved in many agriculture clubs on campus. Along with being very involved on campus I have the honor of being blessed to not only be a Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart but I am also a FarmHouse Sweetheart. I have grown to love each and every member of the Fraternities so much and I am so honored to have been made a SigEp Sweetheart in Spring 2013!

April Brandt

My name is April Brandt and I am from Darlington, Wisconsin. I attended UW-Platteville from 2010-2013, I am now a student at Southwest Tech in 1654298_10151922496335706_295306594_nFennimore, WI studying Graphic and Web Design. In February of 2013, I was honored to become a Sweetheart to Sigma Phi Epsilon. I love each and every one of my brothers and I could not be more proud of what Sigma Phi Epsilon stands for. Every day I wake up knowing that I am a part of something bigger than just a fraternity; we are brothers, we are family. And I couldn’t have asked to be a member of a better family. Mamma Bear loves you guys!

Meet our Pin Girls!

Rachel Gellerstedt

RachelMy name is Rachel Gellerstedt, and I was pinned by Kenny Gellerstedt in the Spring of 2012. We recently got married on August 17, 2013! I am an Industrial Engineering major with an emphasis in Project Management, and a minor in Business Administration, and I am planing to graduate in December of 2014. I am a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, and have held positions there such as the Panhellenic Affairs Vice President, the Financial Vice President, and the Chapter Relations Head. I am originally from the Quad Cities in Illinois, but I plan to stay in Wisconsin after I graduate.

Erica Bosacki

My name is Erica Bosacki and I am Greg Bielak’s lucky girlfriend and Pin Girl! I am a Middle-Level education major and anticipate graduating in Fall 2015 and will hopefully move back home to Chicago where both Greg and I are from. I met Greg back when I was a freshman at UWP at a social with SigEp and we instantly clicked through our love of t1378884_10152040689732275_357861622_nhe Chicago Blackhawks and sheer awesomeness; we began dating just one week later. The following year in November 2013, on our anniversary, Greg serenaded me in front of all his brothers and lovingly asked me to be his Pin Girl. Without SigEp, I would have never met the love of my life and my best friend. I have everything to thank to this wonderful organization and hope that it will continue to bring prosperity, love, and joy to both the brothers and the ones they care about most.​


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